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Welcome to the News Room for Roberta Rehner! Here you can view how other audiences have reacted to her performances.  Members of the media, to speak with Roberta Rehner, please send an email to MUSICALR32@HOTMAIL.COM.  or telephone 561-379-6321.  The female coloratura soprano soloist for hire is available for interviews, guest appearances, or comments.  The preferred lead-time is 24-hours, but exceptions may be made.

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· "A lovely and talented young lady "- The late Dr. Richard Adler -New York City, NY

· "Roberta is really talented and we really enjoyed her show. I'm sure the late Whitney Houston wouldn't mind listening to her."- Fletcher & Marilyn Day- York, PA

· "Roberta has a beautiful voice. I enjoyed her show... the high notes and key changes she takes on in her songs is powerful."- Greg Elliott-Chillicothe, OH

· "Great show & fabulour voice"- Lynn and Norman Rubin- Stuart, FL

· "I loved her performance and felt what she was singing, especially when she sang Whitney Houston's song, "I Will Always Love You.""- Edwardo Danza and Nelida Dispigno- Buenas Aires, Argentina

·  Roberta did a great job singing Whitney Houston' songs- they're tough to sing."- Linda Cherry & Darlene Cherry-Chicago Suburbs

· "She's a pretty young lady and did an excellent show"- Sue Edmond & Phyllis Tucker- Clinton, SC

·  "Her angelic rendition of "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert; cannot be matched- beautiful""- Frederick L. Metzler, III, Grosse Pointe, MI

· "The voice of an angel."- Laura Achenbach- Hermitage, PA

· "Roberta has a lovely singing voice & a natural performaing style...and is very personable. Dr. Suzanne Galer W. Palm Beach, FL

· "Roberta is a natural leader and directs a number of choral performances at the VA Hospital. She's the best!"- Tom Cane, Jupiter, FL

· "Her voice is awesome! I'm so glad we turn our music over to the professionals- superb performance"- N. Diane Tidwell, Principal of Adult Education of Palm Beach Schools

·  "Stunning & Inspiring performance of "Hero" by Mariah Carey"- Walter Mosca- W. Palm Beach, FL

·  "I enjoyed accompanying Roberta and playing the wide range of repetoire she sings- all of which she does well." Dr. Bruce Dudley-Nashville, TN